Necessary documents for admission:

– scanned copy of passport (page with photo, date of birth and passport validity (not less than 2 years, date of issue and expiry);

scanned copy of the certificate of completed secondary education;

scanned copy of the filled application form;

scanned copy of the signed Agreement with the Agency.

Visa formalities:

Upon receiving the invitation letter, the student contacts the Embassy of the Russian Federation in his / her country (for Indian and Thai students) in order to apply for the student’s visa. All costs associated with obtaining passport, visa, all visa formalities, flight to Russia, as well as airport transfer students pay their own. The Agency has no relation to these actions.

In order to enter the territory of the Russian Federation (for Indian and Thai students) and to be admitted into a University, students should have the following documents:

– passport, student’s entry visa;

– immigration card (is given during the flight or at the airport; it must be filled in by student, stamped by the customs in the airport right after arrival to Russia).  

Necessary documents for university enrollment on arrival (only originals are accepted):

– secondary school certificate (in English); – international passport valid for at least 18 months;

– additional documents to the certificate (if needed);

– HIV certificate;

– 10 passport size photos 3*4 cm.

All the necessary actions with documents such as legalization, document translation and notarization are paid by students separately and independently as well as medical insurance.