Merry christmas and happy new year 2021

Admission campaign 2020 finished

RMEA congratulates its Partners and friends on the successful finish of this year’s admission. We are thanking you all for this effective work and wishing you all the best!
The RMEA team welcomes our 1st-year students, future doctors!
 We will be very glad to assist you during the journey to your dream. Let it be one of the most bright moments in your life. Be brave and persistent. Absorb knowledge, experience, and use each simple day to improve your skills.
Good luck!

RMEA and Study World

We are pleased to announce the conclusion of a partnership with one of the oldest agencies in India – Study World Hope for long and productive cooperation which will help more students to fulfill their dream to become doctors.
You can visit our partner and get more detailed information about admission in 2020
1st floor, N P Tower, West Fort, Thrissur. Kerala, India

Graduation day

We congratulate 6 year students of NSMU on successful graduation and well-deserved success.
These young beautiful doctors have a great aim to help people, to save their life. Let’s wish them to be successful in it and be confident in themselves.
Keep on growing. Keep developing those unique dreams and talents that make you who you are.
You can enjoy the solemnity of the moment – just see the photos.

Final university exams

The school year is almost over. There are only a few exams left. For six year students these exams are the last and most crucial.
Circumstances regarding to COVID-19 dictated new conditions. So, the remote learning was organized in NSMU, including the process of passing the final exams.
Look at the photos to experience the process.
We wish our students success and good luck.
Break a leg!

Indian student sings the famous Russian song “Katyusha” 

Fourth year student of the Northern State Medical University Sachin has learnt “Katyusha” and performed it during the celebration days of the Victory Day.
“Katyusha” is a soviet folk-based song and military march. It gained fame during World War II as a patriotic song, inspiring the population to serve and defend their land in the war effort.
In Russia, the song is still very popular and important.
We are very proud of our talent students who honour the culture and history of the country which became their second home for six years.
Enjoy the video and great level of Russian language of the student!

Indian Republic Day 2020

26.01 NSMU students celebrated Indian nation’s Republic Day in Arkhangelsk. Russian Medical Educational Agency congratulates our Indian friends on such a great occasion.
We are glad to see that our students are proud to be born in a country that has such a rich history and heritage and they honor its traditions with big love and gratitude. We wish our students to become high professional doctors to help many people so their country could be proud of them.

Happy Republic Day!



Kerala Piravi in NSMU

On the 1st of November RMEA’s Indian students in Arkhangelsk celebrated the birth of the state Kerala which is located in the South of India. It was a great holiday for everyone, a great opportunity to share Indian culture with others and to demonstrate the bright talents of the students. After the concert program all guests could taste traditional southern Indian cuisine.


Firtst day at University

Today first year students have started their studies at Northern State Medical University. We I would like to extend our warmest wishes to you all on the beginning of the New Academic year.  Let it be interesting and unusual  for you and  let it bring new knowledge and discoveries , as well as new challenges!


Festival of lights in Arkhangelsk

On the 27th of October all students of the Northern State Medical University took part in Diwali celebration. RMEA congratulates our dear students, their families and friends on such a bright occasion. May the glow of joy, prosperity and happiness illuminate your days in the year ahead! To feel the warm atmosphere of this beautiful evening see the photos below!


 We congratulate our Indian Friends on a grand occasion of the 73rd Independence Day! May the Indian tricolor always fly high! May the spirit of patriotism Illuminate your heart and soul today and always!


Happy Holi!

RMEA congratulates its Indian friends with such  a bright and joyful holiday – Holi Festival!

May the month of colors spread the wings of peace and laughter on you and your family!May God gift you all the colors of joy, colors of love, colors of life, colors of happiness, colors of friendship and all other colors you want to pain in your life!


RMEA congratulates all its Indian friends with the greatest occasion! 70th anniversary of Indian Republic Day! Independence is always a gift from God. May this wonderful nation remain independence forever.  A thousand salutes to this great nation. May it become even more prosperous and great.

Warm Republic Day wishes to you and your families!
Happy Republic Day!


RMEA wishes to all of its students, partners and friends a very Happy Diwali! May your life be as colorful, magnificent,
shimmering and magical as the lights from the lamps of Diwali! Have a splendid Diwali celebration!


We congratulate our Indian friends on this special Day – the Independence Day! Celebrate the free spirit of India and send our warm and patriotic congratulations to your friends and loved ones to wish them a great day. Happy Independence Day!


Congratulations to NSMU’s graduate

A Northern State Medical University graduate Dr. Vishal Jain scored 191 marks in MCI Screening Test. A magnificent successful result of a long productive work of the student and his teachers!The real cause for pride!
We congratulate Dr.Vishal and we wish our students to be as persistent and successful on their way to their dream.


Comfortable students hostels in Kirov

While enrollees are receiving their invitations all RMEA’s universities-partners are making last preparations to welcome new students.
In the Kirov State Medical University a complex repair of a students hostel has been finished recently. Light rooms with new furniture, spacious kitchens and bathrooms are already prepared to become a new cozy home for future doctors.


Seminar in Trivandrum

Today many students came to the meeting with RMEA’s representatives in Trivandrum  to know more about getting MBBS in Russia.
If you did not have opportunities to visit our seminars and ask your question contact us now!


RMEA in Thiruvalla

Today RMEA’s delegation represented all opportunities of its universities-partners in Thiruvalla. Don’t miss a meeting with RMEA’s representatives in your city!


RMEA in Kochi

Today in Kochi in one of many offices of RMEA’s partners a mini conference was held. On every meeting all future students receive a lot of

exhaustive information about every university-partner and about admission process. It is perfect time to apply now!



RMEA in Thrissur

In addition to extensive seminars, RMEA’s representatives and partners hold many individual meetings with all comers as it was today in Thrissur.


RMEA in Edappal

Admission campaign 2018 continues.Next introductory seminar RMEA’s representatives and partners held in Edappal.During this meeting, the organizers introduced future students all conditions and opportunities of four major medical schools in Russia located in large beautiful cities with great infrastructure:Arkhangelsk, Omsk, Kirov and Orenburg.


RMEA in Kannur

RMEA’s representatives and partners continue helding meetings with future students in India.Today they had many individual consultations in Kannur.


RMEA in Malappuram

Today enrollees from Malappuram received an opportunity to ask their question about  all details of the admission process of this year. RMEA’s representatives told the students and their parents about educational process, living conditions and advantages of studying  in RMEA’s universities-partners.


RMEA in Malappuram

In the days of celebration of one of the most important Islamic holidays ” the Eid al-Adha ” RMEA and its partners continue to consult applicants in India. Today RMEA’s representatives meet with students in Malappuram

RMEA congratulates you on one of the most revered Muslim holidays, the Eid al-Adha.

We wish you health and happiness, home warmth and success!


RMEA in Thrissur

Today all applicants in Thrissur could ask their questions about admission procedure and educational process during the meeting with the RMEAs representatives. Future students received detailed information about all stages of the admission process including visa application requirements.


RMEA in Kochi

Today RMEA’s representatives: Elegance and Study World works in Kochi. Despite the rain more than 30 applicants came to discuss the right choice of the medical education.
The RMEA’s delegation located in the office in Kochi: 4th Floor, Amritha Tower,Mg Road, Mob:9895173158


Seminar in Kollam

Admission campaign 2018 is at its peak. Today the team of the RMEA’s company together with the partners conducted another introductory conference in Kollam, India. The RMEA’s representatives described in details all conditions of student’s accommodation in hostels. All dormitories meet all the necessary conditions for comfortable study and life.  Students in Kollam received exhaustive information about all advantages of studying MBBS in English Medium which duration is 6 years in Russian RMEA’s universities-partners.


Conference in Trivandrum

Today RMEA’s representatives: Elegance and Study World helds a conference for applicants and their parents in Thampanoor, India. The guests of the event were told about the benefits of studding medical sciences, the perspectives of the doctor profession. During this meeting, future students received an opportunity to ask all the questions about the admission procedure and educational process in the universities-partners of RMEA.

The company expresses its gratitude to the Indian partners for the organization of the conference.


Big cricket games were held in Arkhangelsk

Last weekend 10 cricket teams of Indian students of the Northern State Medical University were fighting for the victory in the final games of the Arkhangelsk cricketer premier league.

Even heavy rain did not stop the team players on the first day. All the participants in full strength went on a field to fight for the honor of their teams.

In the final the teams of 6th year and 3rd year students played. After a tight competition the 3rd year team won a title of the champions this year. And after a super-over match the team of the 1st year students won the third place.

RMEA has a strong focus on supporting sport events for the students. The importance of such championships is obvious. The Agency will sponsor next game of the Arkhangelsk cricketer premier league.

Winners were awarded and all the participants received memorable certificates. The best captain, the best team player were also marked by the special prizes. Students promised to train hard to improve their skills and show us more spectaculars moments in the games of the next year.


Start of the Admission Campaign 2018!

Russian Medical Educational Agency opened the Admission Campaign 2018 for all universities-partners:

  • Northern State Medical University (c. Arkhangelsk)
  • Orenburg State Medical University (c. Orenburg)
  • Omsk State Medical University (c. Omsk)
  • Kirov State Medical University (c. Kirov)

During the preparation for the Admission Campaign 2018 delegation of RMEA’s representatives visited Omsk State Medical University. The delegation got acquainted with the leading professors, estimates dormitories, facilities of the university and made sure of the readiness of the Omsk State Medical University for admission of prospective foreign students.   For more information link here.

Would you like to be a future student one of the most prestigious medical schools in Russia? We are looking forward to meet you, contact us for more details!



Faculty Day at the NSMU!