Russian Medical Educational Agency, RMEA – the first and only agency approved by the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, created to attract Indian, Thai and Russian students who wish to pursue higher education in the best medical universities of Germany, Norway, Estonia and Russia.

The Agency will help the graduates of Indian, Thailand and Russian schools to make informed choices from a variety of best medical schools.  On the site RMEA you can easily get the information you need   such as the price, the terms of tuition and accommodation. Here you can get the necessary information about the features of the migration legislation, as well as the main laws and regulations of Germany, Norway, Estonia and Russia.  The knowledge will help the student not to commit the offense. Besides, the Agency provides legal advice RMEA students admitted to medical schools of Germany, Norway, Estonia and Russia for the duration of their study. In addition, on the site you will find reviews of students who are currently enrolled in RMEA universities-partners about their getting used to the new conditions. You can also familiarize with documents and materials on the placement of Indian, Thai and Russian students in Germany, Norway , Estonia and Russia. Now more than 500 RMEA students are training to approach their dream of becoming a doctor.

To obtain further information on the procedure, please contact us at our email: rusmea2015@gmail.com.

Choosing RMEA you make one step forward to successful higher medical education!

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